ALS Clinical

Approved for sale in Europe, CE Registration #518356 .

"US Investigational Device, not currently available for sale in the US .

Initial study of the device in ALS provided the feasibility of using diaphragmic pacing to slow the decline in a patient's Forced Vital Capacity and delay the onset of respiratory failure. Data from our pilot study revealed the average pre-implant rate of decline was calculated at -2.8% per month and for patients with at least 9 months post-implant follow-up the rate improved to
-1.0% per month.

We are also investigating to determine if the NeuRx DPS™ may be effective in ventilatory support of patients with ALS either decreasing or eliminating the need for negative or positive pressure mechanical ventilation.

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Study Hospital Name Coordinators


University Hospitals of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH 44106
Mary Jo Elmo, ACNP
Office (216) 844-8594
#2 Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21287
Laura Clawson-Research Coordinator
Office (410) 955-8511
#3 Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
Shirley Paulose-Research Assistant, Neurology
Office (650) 724-3792
#4 Methodist Neurological Institute
Houston, Texas 77030
Luis F. Lay, Jr.-Senior Research Coordinator
Office (713) 441-3057
#5 Henry Ford Health System
Detroit, MI. 48202
Helen Foley-Research Coordinator
Office (313) 916-3955
#6 Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Karen Overstreet-ALS Research Coordinator
Office (904) 953-8946
#7 California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)
San Francisco, CA 94115
Dallas Forshew-Manager, ALS Research  
Office (415)600-3604