Four electrodes are placed on the diaphragm using a minimally invasive laproscopic technique. The electrodes are controlled by the NeuRx DPS System.


The NeuRx Diaphragm Pacing Stimulation (DPS) System

The NeuRx RA/4 Respiratory System is manufactured by Synapse Biomedical, Inc. The current DPS System consists of electrode leads laparoscopically implanted into the diaphragm muscle, tunneled subcutaneously with an extension lead to a percutaneous connector site and then connected to a stimulator. The stimulator provides the timing and control of stimulus levels to activate sufficient movement of the diaphragm muscle to affect respiration. The NeuRX RA/4 external stimulator is a four channel battery powered device. Stimulus parameters are programmed with another battery powered device (Clinical Station) that is connected when needed and used by the clinician.