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Is NeuRx DPS® right for me?

Unlike a mechanical ventilator, the NeuRx DPS® provides a gentle, rhythmic, electrical stimulation to your diaphragm causing it to contract. A simple, minimally invasive outpatient procedure is used to implant the device’s four electrodes.

The result is:

  • Decreased reliance on a ventilator
  • Reduced risk of respiratory infections
  • Increased day-to-day independence

In the NeuRx DPS® clinical trial of 50 high-level Spinal Cord Injury/Quadriplegia patients:

  • 100% success rate in achieving tidal volumes in patients with intact phrenic nerve.
  • 25 patients achieved full-time diaphragm pacing and eliminated the use of their ventilator.
  • 33 patients now pace more than 12 hours per day and significantly reduce the time spent on their ventilator.

NeuRx DPS® has enabled Spinal Cord Injury/Quadriplegia patients to regain their sense of smell and taste, easily eat and speak and expand their mobility and transportation options.

A special, non-evasive, radiology study can be conducted to determine if your diaphragm is functioning well enough for you to benefit from the NeuRx DPS®.

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