Treatment Centers

Synapse Biomedical Inc. has partnered with treatment centers in 24 countries that have skilled Board Certified Laparoscopic Surgeons qualified to perform the NeuRx DPS® implantation procedure.

The NEALS random control trial is not enrolling new patients at this time. Please contact Synapse Biomedical directly for an alternate site at 1-440-774-2488 or click here for more information.

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Primary Contact: Dr. Aydin
Country: Turkey


Primary Contact: Glenn Moore
State: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Primary Contact: Dr. Kuthan Kavakli & Dr. Alper Gozubuyuk
Country: Turkey
Primary Contact: Dr. Ove Fondenes
Country: Norway
Primary Contact: Edgar Salazar Betancur
Country: Colombia
Primary Contact: Military Hospital - Alhada Ring Rd, Alhada 26792, Saudi Arabia
Country: Saudi Arabia
Primary Contact: Pr. Dries Testelmans
Country: Belgium