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“CAUTION -­­ Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use. TransAeris is CE mark approved and only available outside of United States where CE mark is accepted. The following information provided is intended for investor related inquiries about TransAeris and is not for commercial/promotional purposes in the US.”

What is the TransAeris system?

TransAeris SystemThe TransAeris™ System is a temporary percutaneous intramuscular diaphragm stimulator intended for patients at risk of or on prolonged positive pressure mechanical ventilation. TransAeris is indicated for use in the prevention and treatment of ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction (VIDD). The primary components of the TransAeris System include the TransLoc® electrodes and the external TransAeris stimulator. Up to two TransLoc® electrodes are inserted into each, right and left, hemi-diaphragm. TransAeris is used to provide neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the diaphragm while the patient is on mechanical ventilation to prevent, slow, or reverse diaphragm disuse atrophy and, more generally, to treat VIDD. Once the patient is successfully extubated after mechanical ventilation, the electrodes are removed from the patient. The entire system is disposed of after single patient use, to avoid any transfer of nosocomial infections in the ICU environment.

TransAeris System consists of Patient Kit and Electrode Kit:

Patient Kit:

  • (1) TransAeris external stimulator with color coded patient cable
  • (2) FrictionLoc connectors.
  • (2) Pair surface patch electrodes (4 total surface patches)

Electrode Kit:

  • (20) TransLoc electrode leads (4 electrodes needed per patient)

TransAeris Stimulator

TransAeris™ is a percutaneous intramuscular diaphragm stimulator, designed for temporary single use diaphragm pacing. TransAeris has built in user interface for clinical control.

FrictionLoc Connector

The FrictionLoc connector is the interface between the percutaneous electrodes and the patient cable. The FrictionLoc connector cables are color coded and keyed. (Left side of patient = Blue and Right side of patient = Green).

Surface Patch Electrodes

Surface patch electrodes are connected to FrictionLoc connectors and allow for the adherence of FrictionLoc to patient’s skin.

TransLoc Electrodes

TransLoc electrodes are designed using 316 Stainless Steel and other biocompatible materials. The design of the TransLoc Electrodes has been developed with anchoring for temporary implantation. A curved needle is integrated to allow for implantation of the electrode intramuscularly to the diaphragm. A tunneling needle is integrated to allow for lateral externalization of the electrode.

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Helm Medical Equipment & Device Trading
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Aurora BioScience Pty Ltd
International Treatment Centers
Unit 4, 22 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW, 2153
or PO Box 946, Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153 Australia
Primary Contact: Glenn Moore
Medical Center Phone Number: 1300 309 994

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Patients interested in utilizing the TransAeris System® should speak with their physician about ordering the device. If you have any questions about using this device to condition your diaphragm, or if you want to learn more about the TransAeris System®, please contact the Synapse Biomedical team.

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