SCI Patient Testimonial – Joel Vander Molen

I received my C2/3 SCI early in life, 24 years before hearing of the Synapse Diaphragm Pacemaker.  After using a vent for over 25 years, completing grade school, high school, and college, I received my implant.

It has opened up a world of smelling sensations that I had hardly known before. Food has much more to experience than just the textures I knew before using my nose again. It has been less than five months since surgery and I’m up to 15 hours a day of pacing.

After a quarter century of just breathing out, this system is opening up a new world to me. Without having tubes on my chest and not hearing the constant noise from the ventilator, I feel much more like a person and less like a machine. I am looking forward to the changing seasons and smelling the new plants in spring and outdoor grills in summer.

My 26th anniversary of becoming a quadriplegic was spent mainly pacing, I guess an old quad can learn new tricks. I am looking forward to the coming months and years with new opportunities provided by Synapse.


Joel Vander Molen

Synapse Biomedical, Inc. has received an Emergency Use Authorization for the emergency use of its TransAeris DPS...