SCI Patient Testimonial – Samantha Rodzwicz

Although I dream of a cure for paralysis, as a C1 quadriplegic my miracles are increases in quality of life. I received the NeuRx DPS® 11 months after my injury and have had it for 2 years. Some may say that it has been a failure because I only use the NeuRx DPS® for about 16 hours a day. However, by my standards the technology has been a miracle. The pacer immediately eliminated the need for ambu-bagging during transfers, suctioning, and ventilator malfunctions, enabling me to be cared for by one person instead of the previous necessity of two sets of hands.

I primarily use the NeuRx DPS while in bed. With the reprieve from the hum of the ventilator and tubes pulling at my throat I am now able to sleep throughout the night.

Finally, since I began using the NeuRx DPS® I have not had any cases of pneumonia. The pacer plays such a vital role in my respiratory health that there is a noticeable difference in my secretions if for some reason I am unable to pace for as little as 24 hours.

The NeuRx DPS® has done more than change the way I breath it has changed my life.


Samantha Rodzwicz
Pensacola, Florida