SCI Patient Testimonial – Laszlo Nagy

Seven weeks after the surgery, I was ventilator free for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since then, I have never needed to use a ventilator, and I have been infection free. I have also developed the ability to breathe on my own for up to several hours, turning off the NeuRx DPS® System. I use this as my ‘backup,’ although I keep an Ambubag on my wheelchair. I am able to live in my own home.

On August 12, I got married. The NeuRx DPS® System allows me to travel and to leave my home virtually worry free. It has made my life much easier.


Laszlo Nagy
Cleveland, Ohio

Synapse Biomedical, Inc. has received an Emergency Use Authorization for the emergency use of its TransAeris DPS...