SCI Patient Testimonial – Tom Davis

The NeuRx DPS® System has revolutionized my lifestyle. I no longer have to lug around that heavy ventilator on the back of my chair. Instead, I have a small box that is tucked in the waistband of my pants. Without the ventilator, the length of my wheelchair has been shortened by nearly two feet and has given me much more maneuverability in tight spaces. When they turned the pacer on for the first time, I could smell everything in the room. This of course has made food taste much better, which has caused me to gain a little weight. The procedure has cut in half the amount of times I need suctioning.

Also, I no longer have those long pauses between breaths from the ventilator. When people talk to me on the phone, they have no idea that I use an assisted breathing device. I love it!


Tom Davis
Pensacola, Florida